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Solomon side of the family pictures
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Abraham Szymczak (right) and Unknown Soldier (left) appr. 1924

Abraham Szymczak Soldier Standing

Golda and Ruchla Szymczak in Europe appr. 1926

Tyla Riwke Kirsztejn appr. 1926

Victor (Age 21), Rhoda, and their Mother, Tyla Riwke Kirsztejn appr.1949



Cohen side of the family pictures
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Hershel Charach & Shifra Pekarsky appr. 1946

Hershel Charach & Shifra Pekarsky Engagement Photo appr. 1926

Hershel Charach and Shifra Pekarsky Wedding Photo 1926

Hershel Charach and his mother, Masza Rivka Charon in 1920

Joel Cohen Age 3 - 1937

Joel Cohen and Friend 1948

Joel Cohen Graduating Class 1948

Joel Cohen Standing 1948

Joseph Charach - Hershel's Father appr. 1917

Marcia Cohen in 1933 at 10 Months

Marcia Cohen 1936 Age 4

Marcia Cohen - Age 18, 1950

Marcia Cohen - Age 18, 1950

Marcia Cohen Wedding Day March 24, 1953

Masza Rivka Charach - Hershel's Mother appr. 1917

Pekarsky Family - Shifra youngest at center with parents Isaac & Chaya (Ida) and siblings Benny, Anna, & Rosie appr 1910.

Shifra Pekarsky & Tzippy Cohen

Shifra Pekarsky

Shifra Pekarsky appr. 1930

Shifra Pekarsky

Shifra Pekarsky, Tzippie (Seena Laura), Marcia, and Joel Cohen 1940

Tzippie (Seena Laura) 19, Marcia 14, and Joel 12 - 1946

Tzippie (Seena Laura) & Marcia Cohen - 1939

Tzippie (Seena Laura) & Meyer's Wedding 3/31/1948. Joel, Marcia, Shifra, & Hershel Cohen. Meyer Listokin, Tzippie Cohen, Ida, & Isaac Pekarsky.

Tzippie (Seena Laura), Marcia, & Joel Cohen 1937




Steamship pictures
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R.M.S. Aquitania

This is the ship on which Abraham & Ruchla Szymczak traveled. It sailed from Liverpool to New York in 1921.

R.M.S. Carmania

This is the ship on which Tyla Riwke Kirsztejn along with her three children, Hymak J (Shimon), Golda (Goldie), & Rucha (Ruth) Szymczak traveled. It sailed from Southampton to New York in 1927.



Pictures of Poland - Maps and Towns

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Pictures/Video from Poland Trip 11/2008

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If more picture albums are necessary, I will add them in the future.

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