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Welcome to, a genealogical website created by Avi Solomon for the benefit of his family.

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This website is dedicated to the pursuit of historical and genealogical information for my family. Family names I am interested in researching and documenting are:

Solomon (Szymczak)
Cohen (Charach) &

Szymczak & Cohen Coat of Arms

Szymczak Crest

Cohen Crest

These are the names of my grandparents, both in their original form (from Europe) and as they had been changed when they immigrated to the United States.

If you have any information on these names and would like to contact me, feel free to email me at

If you have trouble seeing text that is too small, or if you want to shrink the text for your screen, there are two links in the top right of every screen entitled "Larger Font" & "Smaller Font." Feel free to resize the text as you need.

Additionally, on this site, I will be posting News and Information pertaining to the family and/or to its history along with my family tree data, pictures, and stories. Additionally, I will post my needs (things I am looking for) and links & tips for others to help with their genealogical research.

The goal of this website is to make available to all of my family members the information and knowledge that I have gathered over the years on our family, to have a place where people can go when they need to reference some genealogical data, a way for family to come together when that doesn't always seem possible or practical, and a place where we can learn about our family. I hope that by putting this information on the web and making it accessible to all of my family, that I can keep it more accurate than it has been in the past.


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  1. If anyone feels the urge to donate to this project, you may go to the NEEDS page and donate through PayPal. Thanks.

  2. I've added a page called "Submit Changes." If you have any additions or changes to make to my data, fill out the page and submit it to me so I have the info.

  3. The PICTURES page has been updated with a new method of picture handling which should make it more enjoyable. Check it out!

  4. I still have lots of cleanup and uniformity adjustments to make. Check back regularly!

  5. The SEARCH page is now working. You can search for any piece of data on the website. If your results return a page 1 or more) called "GedBrowser", it means the data came from the family tree and clicking on the link will jump you to the page of the tree with the info you were looking for.

  6. The Guestbook has been repaired. Please use it.

  7. Check out the Pictures page for the new picture album.

This site has been created by Avi Solomon. Any questions or comments, email