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On this page, I will list my needs. This entire project and site is funded solely by me. If you feel the urge to donate, that's very nice, but in no way expected or required. If you do decide to donate, thank you in advance.

You may donate here through PayPal:

Now, on to needs:needs:

1) I NEED DATA ! That's pretty straight-forward, no? I need contact info for family members so I can gather data. Please send me phone numbers and/or email addresses of family members. If you know someone's email address and/or phone number, please submit it here:

Person's Name:
Person's Email:
Person's Phone:

2) I NEED PICTURES ! Please send me scanned or physical pictures to include on my website for everyone to enjoy. You can email me the pictures or burn them to CD or DVD and FedEx them to me. If you have physical pictures, ship them to me or hand deliver them and I will have them scanned and put up on the site. I'll be happy to credit you with providing them to me. I'll also make sure to return them to you if you wish. If you are afraid to part with them, you can have them professionally copied at a local photo store or Walgreens/CVS and have the negatives sent to me or a scanned image sent to me. Walgreens/CVS can scan your photos and create a CD/DVD of the photos for safekeeping. Might not be a bad idea to do in general.

3) I NEED DOCUMENTS ! I'd love to get my hands on any and all documents. You can scan and email those to me as well or send me the originals (or very clean copies of the originals) and I'll scan and post them.

4) I NEED TRANSLATORS ! If you know anyone who is able to fluently read Russian and/or Polish, I have a number of documents I need translated. These documents were hand written in the early 19th century and have a very flowery script and use an archaic Polish/Russian. I would prefer not to have to pay for this service. If you know someone who is able/willing to do it, please give me their contact info. Down the road, I will also need assistance in translating Yiddish, Aramaic, and Hebrew. Thanks.

5) I NEED STORIES ! This is VITAL! I need stories from family members of everything. I would like to start a sort of "blog" page of stories or memories that people have. I'd like to get the older generation to document their memories of life, family, relatives, places, etc. Ultimately, if I can build a knowledge repository of family information and memories - those things that have no documentation elsewhere - it would be of great benefit to the whole family. So much is lost in the stories that have never been told. Shame on all family members, throughout history, who have not documented the lore. Let's try to change that for the future. I already have two stories on the Stories page of the website and I'd like to add a million more. Get them to me in ANY format! Written, typed, scanned, recorded on tape, whatever. I will transcribe them and post them on the web.

6) I WOULD LIKE VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDINGS! I'll be happy to convert and post them too. How nice would it be for everyone to share in this? Please Please Please.

That's it! Doesn't sound like too much to ask now does it?

This site has been created by Avi Solomon. Any questions or comments, email